Welcome back to the Blue Deck Podcast for our second OFF-SEASON show. 

During Season 1, we began going through Joseph Mazerac's book, Into the Attic of the World—kind of like an audiobook podcast. Before starting that up again in Season 2, we’re taking a break, having a little getting-to-know-you time. To help with that, we are joined again by our guest host, Dalyn Woods.

Also… Joseph's sons, William and Dylan, have…well…a special message for you. It’s very ridiculous and somewhat disturbing. Actually, I recommend skipping that part of the show!

This episode covers the complicated questions: Am I "called to write" or is it just a hobby? Also, are books being replaced in our lives? 

Website: thebluedeck.com

Twitter: @josephmazerac

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JosephMazeracAuthor/

YouTube: https://youtu.be/Whg8pkLa7Ns

Email: joseph@thebluedeck.com

My Sister’s Keeper by Dalyn Woods.

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