Chapter 6: The Way

For Charles and his friends, their adventure into the Attic of the World begins with the four of them packing their bookbags. They do this and set off without telling any grownup what they are doing. When gathered again outside, they follow Captain Kid and Marshal Rayban around the lake to the edge of the forest.

When Marshal Rayban directs the troop towards the mysteries of the forest, Charles once again plants in his heal. Kids have no business following strangers into the woods—especially when these strangers carry guns.

Ultimately, they arrive at two small bits of new information. One, the girl who kidnapped the Patch Fair was tracked to Charles’s world by a hawk. And two, Captain Kid used to know this girl.

With a voice showing no sign of heaviness, the captain says, “But walking helps me think, and her name is difficult to remember. Will you let me think about it on the way?”

How sensible the captain sounds. How confident. Even so, Charles is not convinced. In spite of this, when he sees his friends’ agreeable expressions, he swallows his objections and goes along.

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