Chapter 2: Patches

Over an extravagant picnic, Charles, Dawn, and Ozzie learn the importance of Captain Kid’s merit badges. Wherever the captain is from, in that place, when a kid learns a difficult skill, does something brave, or acts nobly, the Patch Fairy visits them at night and leaves a merit badge under their pillow. The problem is, this strange fairy has gone missing.

The captain bids his farewell, and later that day, Charles and his friends gather outside, hoping to find Captain Kid again. They do not find him, however, and as Charles returns to his home, he is left with an inescapable feeling that something special is about to happen, maybe even something magical.

That evening, lying in bed, in a moment of inspiration, he tucks his hand beneath his pillow, sure he will find a patch hidden there by the Patch Fairy. Unfortunately, there is no patch. Disappointment and doubt wash over him until he has another bright realization: Jacksonville might not have a Patch Fairy, but that doesn’t mean they’re completely without magic. There’s still a God to pray to at night—always him, overlooking everything, everywhere. Charles breathes out a prayer, catching it in his balled fist, and quickly tucks the prayer beneath his pillow. God would find it—his secret wish—even if the fairy could not.

What had he prayed for on that enchanting summer night?
That Captain Kid would find his fairy, and Charles could help him do it.


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