The Blue Deck Podcast Presents: Into The Attic of the World, by Joseph Mazerac

After returning to his childhood home, Charles Miller is visited by ghosts from his past. Not literal ghosts, but strange memories are returning to him, stuff he’s either forgotten or repressed, memories of adventures in faraway lands, of monsters and magic, and a boy called Captain Kid. All of this is too much to be believed, of course. The things he recalls are impossible. Yet, he believes them anyway. After all, even impossible things can happen when magic cuts holes in the world.

So, Charles begins to tell his tale. It begins in the summer of 1990. He was thirteen back then, living in a lakeside townhouse in Florida. Life was good. But the appearance of a strange boy riding a sailing raft has threatened to upset Charles’s position as the leader of his little neighborhood gang.

Also, for some reason, this Captain Kid character is particularly interested in merit badges. Hmm? I wonder why? 

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This podcast, set in Jacksonville Florida, is family friendly. By that, we mean it's enjoyable to adults as well as younger listeners. Set in the Nineties, the tale enjoys a nostalgic glow, while also taking listeners to new worlds of fantasy, mystery, and danger in a pursuit to find the missing Patch Fairy. 


About the author:

Growing up with a father in the U.S. Army, Joseph Mazerac traveled extensively. He was born in Germany but quickly moved with his family to the United States where he spent his youth in Alabama, North Carolina, Alaska, Texas, Missouri, Florida, and Georgia.

After graduating high school, Joseph hit the road again, this time to California where he met his wife. While in California, he began his “day job” career as an Unexploded Ordnance Technician. That job sent him to remote locations across the U.S. and around the globe.

When he wasn’t blowing things up, Joseph pursued a less dangerous but equally adventuresome creative life. He is a Royal Palm Literary Award-winning author, graphic novel illustrator, and podcaster—all of this despite his childhood battle with dyslexia! After many years with drawing as his first passion, he has traded the pencil for a keyboard and microphone. Now he uses carefully crafted prose to envision cowboys, phantoms, magic swords, and evil unicorns in a multi-layered reality overflowing with rich imagination.

Joseph is a husband and father to four who prides himself in his family. He is also a dedicated person of faith and does not shy away from writing about faith as a normal part of the human experience. He cherishes time with friends and loves audiobooks, strong coffee, and scratching his dog’s back.

While he still travels, he and his family have made Jacksonville, Florida their home.


Buy Into the Attic of the World on Amazon


Twitter: @josephmazerac





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