After the smokers burn to ashes, Charles’s mind is full of questions and frustration. Also, he’s about had it with this quest. Captain Kid explains that the smokers were phantoms—living illusions. They enchanted ashes and clothes to give themselves shape. When the kids fought back, the phantoms used too much energy and fell apart. They weren’t actually dead.

While explaining this, the captain takes the dagger left behind by the magician. Then after giving the knife to Ozzie, he suggests Ozzie might not want to keep it because it could lead the phantoms to him.

Ozzie rejects the dagger, offering it to William. William doesn’t want it. Dawn doesn’t want it either, so Captain Kid takes it again, sticking it in his pocket.

No one offered it to Charles, and that is sooooo annoying. He’s got a knife of his own—the Swiss Army Knife—but that wasn’t good for battles. If the captain wanted him to be a knight, he should have a real weapon! He throse his Swiss Army knife to William, and without asking, snatches the dagger out of the captain’s pocket. Then he scolds their leader for not taking the swords when the mountain man offered them back at Salvation Mountain.

Captain Kid only watches Charles, not complaining about the outburst, and when Charles secures the dagger to his belt, the captain says it looks good on him. But in the skirmish with the phantoms, Charles’s hand was cut. The injury needs treatment. After that, they should get a little rest.

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