Chapter 22: Urgent

When the silver witch slaps Charles for the second time, an idea springs into his head—he’d been on this train before! But that didn’t make sense. It was impossible. He’d never been to this world before, much less the weird road-going bus-train. Then as he looked back at his friends… Yes, he had been on this train, and not only that but in this very situation. He could remember it (sort of) and the last time he was here, he’d been with William, Dawn, and Ozzie… except… the William he saw now looked different, not much different, just a little thicker with bigger ears but so similar they must’ve been brothers.

It was a trick. It had to be. The magician with the curled mustache was playing mind tricks on him. Then a fight breaks out between the kids and the adults, but as the grownups fight, they fall apart, crumbling to ashes and leaving their empty clothes behind. In the process, one of the men puts a knife to Charles’s throat and would’ve killed him if Charles hadn’t wedged a hand under the blade. Finally, Captain Kid shows up, rifle in hand, and shoots the witch. The woman lifts into the air, screaming out her warning—give up the search for the Patch Fairy, or the Red King will run you through with his horn! The lights of the cabin flickered, then she erupts into smoking ash, her silver dress falling lifeless to the floor.

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