After Captain Kid introduces himself to the Kybees, the Kybee leader, a girl named Patricia, threatens the captain with a pistol. Also, when Captain Kid refuses to surrender his weapon, Patricia orders one of her scouts to take it from him—“And if he gives you any trouble,” she says, “cut his head off!” Yikes!

As the scout reaches over a shoulder for one of the machetes on his back, the captain fires his rifle, the bullet striking the ground between the Kybee boy’s feet. And he’s firing no ordinary bullets, oh no, they were made special by a U.S. Marshal. That doesn’t mean much to Charles, but it does to the Kybee leader.

Ultimately, a disastrous conflict is avoided when Patricia learns that Charles and his friends have come from the World Below. Also, they saw Castatine on their long trek across the desert.

In the end, Patricia offers Captain Kid a sand buggy to speed them on their way, but first, they will have a picnic. When the chapter ends, Patricia’s little brother, Billy Boy, is telling the group stories.

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