In Chapter 14 Charles and his friends spend their first night in the desert of the strange new world. As Charles lays on the ground, watching Ozzie build a shelter with the door he’d recovered out of the sand, Dawn—the crew’s new Chief Officer—busies herself inventorying their supplies. In Charles’s backpack, she finds, among other things, a toy Yoda action figure and lists it in the inventory. Charles finds in his pocket the cap off a Coke bottle. After seeing her record the Yoda figure, he wonders if the bottle cap should be added to their supply list, but rejects the idea.

Overall, our friend, Charles, is feeling depressed, so far from his home and now he’s been demoted, too.

In the morning they set off in search of the mysterious place called Salvation Mountain, and what they find isn’t anything they expected. It is an enormous art project of desert wreckage, paint covering everything, even the ground. And on everything is painted messages of God’s love.

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