After docking with the Upward Facing Door, Captain Kid leads the crew outside, where they climb up to the nose of the shuttle using a grappling hook. There, they come face-to-face with the door to another world. When Charles goes through, he finds a vast desert and a sign leading to a place called Salvation Mountain. 3.5 miles, thataway.

The rest of the kids climb up into the desert, but Ozzie closes the door in the sand sealing them away in the foreign world.

William digs with his hands, trying to uncover the passageway, but digging is no good. “There are rules,” the captain explains. William couldn’t dig to his world unless he was a wizard. Also, the captain reminds them, “We’re not looking for a way home. We’re looking for Castatine and the Patch Fairy.”

That may be true, but it doesn’t stop William and Charles from feeling trapped.

Charles gives voice to their doubts, and when it’s apparent he doesn’t trust their new leader, Captain Kid demotes him, making Dawn the new chief officer.

The chapter concludes with Captain Kid venturing out into the desert and Dawn left in charge of inventorying their supplies.

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