Previously in Chapter 11

While prepping the shuttle for liftoff, Charles assists Captain Kid. Together, they measure things like wind speed and barometric pressure. Afterward, as the captain uses a spyglass to search for the Upward Facing Door, William brings a trio of Cokes to the top of the launch tower. While the search continues, Charles and his best friend drink their sodas until the illusive doorway is found. Once located, William takes a turn on the telescope, promptly finding the door, which he describes as a cross between a blimp and a space station. Intrigued, Charles takes his turn on the scope but fails to focus on the flying blur in the sky.

Having all the data needed for flight calculations, Captain Kid leads them back into the shuttle where he has another big surprise in store. Each crewmember will have a critical role aboard the Nautilus. Charles will be first mate, Dawn the electro-technical officer, William chief engineer, and Ozzie the assistant engineer. The only one aboard who remains merely a “passenger” is Joseph the crab in is travel-size aquarium.

The chapter concludes with Charles monitoring the rocket temperatures, still in the red but climbing.

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